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Labor Only

Since 2006, Keep It Moving has been delivering labor only services in over 20 Louisiana cities. We specialize in doing the heavy-lifting for you, whether you’re moving heavy furniture to a new home or need assistance relocating assets of a commercial business. Visit our review page to learn more about our the moving experience of our clients.

We are a fully licensed and insured business equipped with high-standard moving equipment and the highest quality supplies. No matter if you’re making a long distance move, or a local move, Keep It Moving can provide the labor you need. 

Moving Labor Assistance

The last thing we or our customers want is for an injury to occur during a move or, maybe worse, damaging the precious antique family heirloom that must be handled just right. That’s why we have professional moving equipment such as blankets and wrapping to help protect your furniture and other personal items during a move.

Moving Labor Services

In addition to gently moving your grandmother’s antique sewing machine or getting your new dining room table through your front door, we offer additional service to help simplify your moving process, including:

  • Packing. Prep work can be overwhelming and time-consuming, and that’s why we offer packing services. We understand the value of your belongings, and our top-rated Louisiana movers will ensure every one of your pieces are perfectly wrapped and handled to keep them safe during a move.
  • Office Spaces. Desks, tables, chairs — we can help you with that. Running a business is a full-time job, and there is no need to add to the hours with the stress of moving an entire workspace to a new location. Let us help you find the best, most helpful plan to relocate your office equipment so you can focus on running your business.
  • Unpacking. It’s one of the most dreaded parts of a move is the end when you just want to kick your feet up and rest your eyes. Often, boxes might go unpacked for weeks. This is where our employees at Keep It Moving come in. Our professional movers will load and unload your new home or office in a fraction of the time, at your directions, of course.
  • Piano Moving. Many people give up their pianos during a move because they are heavy and challenging to maneuver. Our experts will ensure the safest, easiest means of transporting your instrument so the only thing you have to give up is lost time and energy.

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Finding moving companies that can cater to your specific needs can be tough, and that’s why we’re in this business — for you. Since 2006, Keep It Moving has been dedicated to proving moving labor help to families, individuals and professionals in Louisiana. Contact us to get started on a custom moving plan that fits your needs at 1-855-795-6683, or email us at [email protected].

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