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Long-Distance Movers

Since 2006, Keep It Moving has taken pride in maintaining its goal of total customer satisfaction by providing professional long-distance moving services nationwide and throughout all of Louisiana.

We are moving experts, so even though moving cross country may seem like a daunting task to you, we are equipped with the tools and expertise to make your long distance move stress free. 

When you book with Keep It Moving, we will take care of everything. Just hop in your car or hop on the plane and your belongings will meet you on the other side.

We understand how our customers feel when they are moving state to state. It is a large endeavor and can cause undue stress.

The first thing most customers will think is, “Will my belongings be protected?” When you choose Keep It Moving, the answer is yes!
We are a licensed, insured, and bonded long-distance moving company. You can rest assured that even in the worst-case scenario, your belongings are protected.

Our Value-Added Benefits

As a professional long-distance moving company, Keep It Moving can offer you more than just transporting your belongings.

We take every precaution to ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination.

Our professionally trained movers will blanket and wrap all your furniture and expertly pack them on to the truck and secure them with heavy duty ratchet straps to prevent them from shifting while in transit.

Items are most often damaged while in transit and this is due to lack of professional industry knowledge and skill.

We pack the trucks to utilize all vertical space available so that all your household goods fit safely and securely.

Every move is different, and while some moves may only need transportation of your items, some may benefit from labor-only, packing, unpacking and other additional services.

Some extra benefits that can help us enhance your moving process include:

  • Moving with a reputable, licensed, and insured long-distance moving company.
  • Simplified pricing.
  • A large line of dedicated trucks that we maintain regularly.
  • A dedicated team of professionally trained and experienced movers.
  • B+ BBB rating with over 10 years of experience.
  • U-Haul authorized dealer.

Choosing the Right Long-Distance Moving Company

  1. Are they licensed and insured? For a company to offer long-distance services, they require to be federally licensed and insured. Insufficient coverage or lack of license means your belongings are not in capable hands.
  2. Have you read their reviews? No company is immune from the occasional complaint, but how a company responds to both good and bad reviews can say a lot about the company.
  3. How experienced are they? Bottom line: experience counts. Keep It Moving has been in the moving business since 2006. Interstate moving can involve some red tape and state and federal laws that must be followed to ensure the long-distance move is in trusted hands.
  4. Do they offer a complete and detailed quote? Cost is always a factor when deciding to pick the right company. However, you should compare more than just prices. Ask for a detailed quote and read each estimate carefully to be sure everything you need is included in the final price.
  5. Have you noticed any red flags? The moving business is teeming with many scam artists. To keep yourself away from problematic movers, look for common signs that they are less than legitimate such as asking for large cash deposits, or not being able to produce legal documents and a written estimate.

Planning Your Next Long-Distance Move

At Keep It Moving, we are ready to go the distance for you. Our team will do everything to make sure that you have the best moving experience possible. 

With over 10 years in operation, we have moved people all around the country from many Louisiana cities such as, New OrleansMetairieSlidellCovingtonMandeville and Baton Rouge.

We are fully equipped to handle any moving challenge with grace and expertise. You cannot do it all, but you can do a few things to help minimize costs and avoid potential problems during your moving process.

A few pre-planning tips can help make the moving process pay off handsomely:

Initial Planning

  • Prepare a detailed inventory of equipment and furniture.
  • Establish a timetable and logistics plan for the move.
  • Determine if you need full or partial-packing services.
  • Call your Keep It Moving Consultant for your initial quote consultation, estimate of costs and overall moving plan.
  • Consider valuation coverage for your items being moved.
  • Assign move coordinators like family or friends to assist with the moving plan implementation.

Pre-Move Preparation

  • Dispose of trash and donate any unused or unwanted items.
  • Label furniture and boxes with color-coded tags and clear-cut instructions on where items, equipment and/or furniture should be placed.
  • Keep It Moving will provide extra padding and protection for your furniture and highly valuable items.

Moving Day

  • Post floor plan layouts to assist in precise placement of furniture and your other belongings.
  • Make certain that you or your assigned moving coordinator is available to answer questions from movers handling your move.
  • Have someone appointed to inventory items as they are loaded. This is also true at your destination.

Keep It Moving--Long-Distance Movers You Can Trust

At Keep It Moving, we are ready to go the distance for you. Even if you have to move to the other side of the country, we are cross country moving experts.

Beyond loading, transporting, and unloading your household goods, we can handle all of your packing and unpacking as well. We will handle all the logistics from start to finish.

Our goal is to make your interstate move cost effective as possible, while taking every precaution to protect your belongings in the process.

For more information regarding our long-distance services, fill out our free quote form on the homepage, or call us today at (855) 795-6683.

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