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It’s very common for the average American to have some sort of traditional safe or gun safe in their home to keep their valuable belongings secure. Depending on the type and size of safe they own, they may need a safe moving service to get it in and out smoothly. Our professional safe movers don’t take their jobs lightly, especially when it comes to transporting your specialty items, such as gun safes.

We understand the ins and outs of carefully transporting safes and other precious possessions. We are also fully licensed and insured in all the areas we serve. So, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in careful hands.

Why Hire Professional Safe Movers

You keep only your most precious items in safes, so why allow anyone but a professional handle yours? While they help keep our items secured, safes can be very dangerous to handle when transporting. They are extremely heavy and require specific equipment to move it successfully and efficiently.

Here’s what you can expect from our professional safe movers:

  • We use proper, industry-standard equipment like dollies to move the safes, and ratchet straps and tie downs to keep it safe during transport.
  • We utilize our experience and expertise for you, to move your heavy safe without damaging the interior or exterior of the safe.
  • Tested techniques and materials to protect every part of your home during a safe move.
  • We can maneuver around obstacles and travel up and down stairs to move your safe exactly where you want it to be.

Moving a Gun Safe

When preparing for your heavy safe to be moved, be sure you complete the following precautionary steps to ensure the safest and easiest experience for our movers:

  1. Empty safe. Make sure there is nothing in the safe that can rattle, go off or get damaged in the moving process. This also helps lighten the load to make moving easier.
  2. Find the make and model of your safe. Look up the information of your safe to learn how much it weighs so we know what to expect when moving it.
  3. Measure doorways and identify obstacles. Double check measurements of the doorways and hallways the safe will be traveling through. This is an important step to keep walls and movers from getting injured.
  4. Research moving company. When choosing a safe moving company, verify their experience, insurance, and expertise before committing.

Need Help Moving Other Heavy Items?

Looking for gun safe movers? Or do you have other heavy or nontraditional items you need help moving? We also help move pianos, office equipment, and more. Contact us today for a free quote to learn how we can help make your next transportation need a safe and easy one.

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